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I am an independent business consultant with over 35 years in business and can offer a wide range of consultancy services


My Key skills & business consultancy capabilities are as follows:

Business Turnaround and Change Management

Operational Management and Business Structure

Performance Management, Reporting Structure & KPI Metrics

P&L Business Management & Leadership

Business Planning & Strategy Development

Continuous Improvement & Efficiency Initiatives

Product Assembly Line Layout Efficiency and Productivity

Manufacturing & Quality Management

Stakeholder Management and Engagement

Database Development and Implementation

Start-Up Ventures & Business Development

Team Recruitment, Leadership and Mentoring

The key to a successful business

Ensure you have the right amount of capital to start the business, many businesses start with a great idea but then run out of capital, it’s difficult to get funding or loans in the beginning, so get the capital before you start your business.

Develop a comprehensive business plan to include the following: Business overview and introduction Current position Competitive advantage Pricing structure SWAT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) Target customer Staff Market research Marketing and advertising Skills and experience Management systems Financial information, P/L, Balance Sheet and Cash-flow

Develop and review the following financial documents: Cash-flow forecast - daily Profit and loss statement - weekly Balance sheet - weekly

Ensure you use a cash-flow forecasting model, you need to know when cash is coming into and leaving the business, this is very important.

Develop a formal organisational chart with the key roles and responsibilities, this will ensure you have the right people with the right places, also consider what skills you might need within the business as it grows, don’t underestimate the value of good experienced staff.

Develop a core management team, these are the key personnel within a business responsible for various departments and activities, the core management team should meet weekly with a set agenda and keep the meeting to less than one hour, KPI’s are presented at this meeting

Develop KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that help you manage the business, i.e. cash-flow, profit and loss, balance sheet, delivery, assembly and response times, sales volume per day, revenue per day, calls per day, revenue per customer, overdue customer invoices, don’t monitor things that don’t help the business, this should be a standardised short PowerPoint presentation.

Develop and install a database within the business, this enables the sharing of data across all departments and will enable you to make data driven decisions, quick access to data is key and enables you to make very quick decisions to manage and improve the business.

Develop written process and procedures for all business activities, this helps the business workflow and ensures everyone works in the same way, this avoids confusion and wasted time looking for a procedure, everyone should do things in the same way.

Develop a culture of “Continuous Improvement” be prepared to review and change anything if it improves the business operations and its profitability.

Staff well-being is very important, encourage staff to provide feedback and keep the business inclusive and communicate your intentions to all staff, most people care about where they work and feel better when they understand the company’s future plans and are generally supportive, make the workplace as enjoyable as possible.

Every business should think big, not matter how big or small a business is, it’s good to have the above items in place as it makes a business run better.

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